Marcvs - The Eternal Battle

In the thrilling comic book series MARCVS, fearless reporter Carmen Gentile is catapulted into a heart-pounding adventure that spans continents and centuries. As Carmen investigates a mysterious figure destabilizing the power dynamics in the Middle East, he barely survives an RPG attack. Discovering that the strike was not a random ambush but a deliberate assassination attempt, Carmen is suddenly thrust into an epic power struggle.

From the war-torn streets of the Middle East to the hallowed halls of the Vatican, this journey takes readers on a whirlwind tour around the globe as they uncover secrets, solve ancient riddles, and face off against deadly adversaries.

Blending non-stop action and historical intrigue, MARCVS will keep readers on the edge of their seats as they join Carmen in his quest to end an eternal battle.

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Cover 1A (unsigned)

Cover 1B (unsigned)

Covers 1C (unsigned)

Package D: Mystery Box (Various covers, original art & more)

Package F: Blindsided by the Taliban (hardcover / signed) + Cover A


Cover A (Trade dress): 300
Cover B (Trade dress): 100
Cover C (Premium Virgin): 70

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Issue 1: Scott Palochik (writer), Chase Cowan (pencils/Inks), Elizabeth Sharland (lettering), Regie Simmons (publisher)