In 1992, Mandy Connors reveals more secrets about her obsession with the hidden community of Isolation. In 1869, Will Trenlow's questioning of the Order and the Governor's thirst for revenge draw clear lines between good and evil, leading to violence.
Isolation, a mystery series with fantasy and horror elements, is framed by the over-arching story of a researcher investigating three periods of murder which occurred in 1869, 1919 and 1949. The comic, written by Doug Bratton, is beautifully illustrated and lettered by graduates from the Kubert School.
  • Cover A (Trade dress)
  • Cover B (Virgin/Premium [Black matte finish/spot gloss])
Covers: Delia Gunderson 
Interiors: Chase Cowan & Delia Gunderson
Package A - Cover A (unsigned)
Package B - Cover B (unsigned)
Package F - Double Homage Cover (Superman 1 / Dark Knight Returns)

Package C - Covers A / B + Issue 4 Digital (signed - Bratton / Simmons)
Package D - Digital Package (Issues 1-3 DIGITAL)
Package E - Mystery Box (Covers A+B Signed, & more hence the mystery)
Package G - Governor Print (Limited to 5)
Package H - Visitor Scratch Board (1 of 1) 
Package I - Isolation Chapter One Manuscript (Limited to 20)
Package J - Prelim Sketches Isolation 4 Variant
Package K - Isolation 1 Post (signed)
Package L - Isolation 2 Post (signed)
Package M - Isolation 3 Post (signed)
Package N - Isolation 1 Post (signed)

Issue 4 Print Run: 620 max

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