Guide to SMART Comic Collecting

In the hallowed tradition of The Empire Strikes Back and The Godfather, Part II, I promise you that this book is NOT an awful, hastily thrown-together, money grab of a sequel.

So what exactly is it? Why are Doug and I getting the band back together?

Let’s start with what the Guide to SMART Comic Collecting, Volume 2 isn’t: This book is not an “update” of the first Guide to SMART Comic Collecting, although that may happen at some point in the future. This Guide is an ALL new book with ALL new content on a variety of topics related to comic collecting that either weren’t covered in the first guide or warranted further, in-depth exploration.

We are talking 88-pages of all new content.

ANY COLLECTOR—whether you read the first book or not—can pick this up and learn valuable, relevant information about comic collecting as a hobby today and gain a deeper understanding of the industry, history of comics, and collecting. And when I say “collector,” I mean a whole host of people who buy comics for different purposes: readers, comic art lovers, investors, speculators, and, well, just plain old, comic book collectors!

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